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We take your privacy seriously. It is important to Nordiq Moose to maintain a high level of respect and trust with our community, and we believe that this is key to developing sustainable long-term relationships.

This website is operated by Angora Moda throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to obeyclothing. Angora Moda offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.

Persons who visit and/or use the website “” run by Angora Moda are expected to peruse this Privacy Policy before using the Website and Mobile Application.

In order to provide Users with a better service on the Website, some personal information is requested. This data collected through the Website is used within the scope of the Website for special offers or special promotional activities pertaining to the User’s account. Our company does not share the information transmitted through the membership forms with a third party.

In the Website content, the features of Google Analytics Remarketing & Demographics and Interests Reports are being used. By using the advertisement settings, one can be excluded from Google Analytics for Display Advertising and the Google Display Advertising Network ads can be customized. The demographic information provided by Google Analytics is used with the aim of customizing the Website and any existing Website ads according to the interests of the Users. This information is utilized for target audience operations as well as being shared with advertisers alongside the information belonging to other Users. This data does not, in any means, include personal information (first name, second name, national identity number, sex, age, etc.) and it is used only in order to evaluate User preferences as a group and compiling the target audience. By agreeing to this Contract of Use, it is approved that the anonymous information is shared with advertisers for commercial and publicity purposes

User’s credit card information requested on the payment page is not preserved on the servers of the Website or any third-party company with the aim of prioritizing the safety of Users shopping on the Website. It is being ensured that all the payment procedures are carried out between the respective bank and the User’s device through the interface of the Website.

By agreeing to this Contract of Use, the User agrees that the shared information belongs to himself and consents to the sharing of this information with other juristic persons associated with the Company with the aim of conducting sales and marketing activities as well as ensuring that this information is reported appropriately in terms of any means of communication.

Personal data is to be processed as long as the membership continues.

As the Data Supervisor under the Law, ANGORA MODA TEKSTİL GIDA SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ acknowledges all the responsibilities and liabilities designated in the Law.


Various types of cookies are used on our website (and on all other digital platforms including mobile applications). These are defined as specification information such as session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, functionality cookies, analysis cookies, commercial cookies and third-party cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of data inserted into computers and mobile devices, which enable that the website visited by the user functions and improves itself properly, that the user experience is personalized and developed, that the user visits websites without logging in and/or that commercial-social notifications (these can be viewed even if the internet browser and/or the respective mobile application are closed) are sent to the user, and that the website users-visitors can receive general or personalized notifications, ads and promotions both on the respective website and on websites belonging to other persons (including social media and online commercial networks). Cookies are preserved on computers-devices for an intended duration, without exceeding the legal maximum time period (if any).

Visitors (including Members-Users) using our Website (including the mobile versions) agree to the above execution and that their descriptive data can be processed within the scope-terms and for the purposes specified here, in the personal data legislation and in the other parts of this informative text (including the transfer to, sharing with and usage by third parties within this context).

Visitors can regulate and remove these cookies and/or turn off the notifications whenever they would like by using the settings of the program and/or operating system and/or internet browser on their devices (In this case, it should be known that our Website/the respective device/program may not function as desired and/or that the notification content may not be received).

We use cookies on our website and when you continue to use our website, your personal data collected by cookies is going to be utilized according to the aims and methods specified in our Data Policy-Notifications.